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Tricks and Treats: A Warhammer 40k Game

October 27, 2019 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

The Inquisition has lifted the ban on an old Terran Holiday: Tricks And Treats. Heroes across the galaxy are celebrating this by participating in the aged custom. But Tzeentch is jealous that he’s not part of it so he has sent one of his beasts to steal all the candy from unsuspecting power armoured Adeptus Astartes!

Take part in this Halloween extravaganza with random prizes and laughs and other fun shenanigans!

Entry is totally free! All you need is a single HQ or character up to 125 points.

Tiz a simple event until its not. Go door to ruined door to collect candies. Meet friends along the way. If you’re feeling trixy, you can try to thief candy from your fellow ne’er do wells by challenging them in
GLORIOUS MELEE COMBAT! Or you can just run from stoop to stoop and collect candies. But beware, the Xetrov Beast is out to collect candies for Tzeentch. And he’ll always try to catch the person that has the most candies. If you’re up to it, then you can try to beat up the Xetrov Beast and steal HIS candies.

How it works:
– Each player will build a single HQ or character (named characters are not permitted) up to 125 points

– In random order, players will take turns as though they were playing a regular game of Warhammer 40k.

– After players have finished their turns, the Beast will move: random at first, but will target the player with the most candies.

– When a character loses his last wound, they lose d3+1 candies and have to go back to the start. If they lost it to the beast, he gains that many candies to his hoard. If lost to another player in combat, that player gets half the number of candies rounded up. The rest go back to the houses.

– IF, somehow, you manage to beat the Xetrov Beast in combat, you get ALL HIS CANDIES (poor guy)

– When you are happy with your haul, you can return to the start and remove your character from the board to get your rewards!

– PSYKERS gain a special psychic power in place of smite. CANDY THEFT: warp charge 7. Steal D3-1 (minimum of 1) candies from another player within 8 inches.

HAVE FUN and we hope to see you there


October 27, 2019
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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Atlantis Norfolk
9649 1st View Street
Norfolk, VA 23503 United States
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