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Warhammer 40000 Tournament

October 7, 2018

The date of this event has been changed due to a scheduling conflict..
The Imperium of Mankind needs your help!
Atlantis Norfolk is hosting a Warhammer 40000 tournament! Information as follows
-Entry fee is $10 and prizes will be awarded based on participation.
-Doors will open at 9am for a 10am start time.
-Each round will be 2.5 hours in length
-All FAQs, erratas, and beta rules will be used in this event
-The Space Wolf Codex may be used for this event
-Points: 1250
-All armies must be painted to a table top standard (3 color minimum)
-All models must follow a reasonable facsimile rule (explained below)
Missions will be eternal war missions generated at random during the event from both the core rule book and chapter approved.
If you have questions, please contact the TO
Reasonable Facsimile: A reasonable facsimile includes, but is not limited to, 3rd party models, conversions, and kit bashes modeled in such a way that it clearly represents the model(s) that it is intended to be. This includes WYSIWYG. Example of this would be a Space Marine in MK III Armour carrying a Rotor Cannon is a reasonable facsimile to a Rubric Marine using a Soul Reaper Cannon as the soul reaper is based on the design of the rotor cannon; whereas a Cadian Heavy weapons team with a missle launcher is not a reasonable facsimile for a Catachan Heavy Weapons team with a lazcannon because Cadia has fallen and they are shooting a high yield explosive tipped projectile and Rambo is firing highly concentrated particles of light.


October 7, 2018
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Atlantis Norfolk
9649 1st View Street
Norfolk, VA 23503 United States
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