Frontline General: Italian Campaign Introduction

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Frontline General: Italian Campaign Introduction introduces players to the Frontline General 'Land, Air, & Sea Tabletop Simulation', an Operational and Tactical Level WWII Consim. The system covers Land, Air, and Sea wargaming mostly at the Operational level with a tactical 'feel'. The Campaign may optionally be used to 'drive' more detailed tabletop miniatures battles for decisive engagements. Miniatures combat expands on the level of detail.

A basic Economic and Supply System challenges players to choose and supply an effective balance of Units for the objectives at hand. Event and Command Cards provide more options during the game. Team Play Command allows players to split turn responsibilities among a General and subordinate Commanders.

The introductory version of the 'Southern Italy Campaign' is the first release in a series and is available as a production version and free via Print & Play.

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